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Company Profile

HF MetalArt Pvt. Ltd., A Swiss Gold Minting Company, one only kind of private minting unit was established in Jaipur, India by Faude & Huguenin, Switzerland, A company with a wide experience of more than 150 years of minting Precious and Non Precious Coins and Bars, keychains, cufflinks, Pins, Badges, Pins, Signs, Trophies, Certificates, Awards, Medals, Mementoes, Plates, Photos, serving the customized requirements of our prestigious clients around the world in more than 120 countries.

The company designs, manufactures, and supplies both a unique range of fine gold & silver coins and bars and an entire quality corporate gifting items in non-precious metal spectrum.

Our specialization is customized coins - with your corporate logo - as well as a broad range of tailored and branded metal items, in hand-painted designs, finished to the highest levels, to provide the quality and differentiation you need to make your business shine and more importantly you add communication value to your company.

Swiss-owned, our production facility in Jaipur boasts the most modern equipment and know-how available, based on 150 years of experience in process, technology and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on service and execution as well: design and creation proposals, tailored samples to fit exactly with your corporate identity, custom packaging, all in the best quality with rapid turnaround times, highly reliable quality and committed deliverable and the plant can process 100kg Gold per day easily. The total investment in our factory is around Rupees 50 Crores


In the year 1868, Fritz & Albert Huguenin, two brothers, opened up a small workshop. Gradually they became specialize craftsmen in the cart of decorating silver watchcases, and gained world wide fame.

By 1950 watch making had declined and the Company exited this business to concentrate instead on a successful new field: manufacture of high quality stamped medals. In 1992 Huguenin was the first company world wide to mint gold coins with a color imprint. In parallel, Paul Faude started a separate venture in 1961, focusing on photo-etching technology, to manufacture medallions and awards in brass with quality, design, painting, and finishes. It too has gained a world wide reputation.

In 2002, the two entities merged, giving birth to the current company, Faude & Huguenin SA. In 2006, Faude & Huguenin established HF Metal Art Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur , India .with sophisticated European machinery, the Company set a new  milestone with the first and process know -how available with strong local skills and market knowledge. It can mint both gold and silver coins and bars in the highest quality, as well as non -precious medallions and award through a refined photo -etching process. The Company is still privately held, maintaining another long tradition, and now providing services to the client’s world wide.


Unique: We offer customers customized products, services and support unique to the Indian market.

Quality: We sell only products and materials of the very highest quality. We aim to make every customer interaction a positive experience.

Integrity: We Conduct business fairly and transparently with customers, suppliers, and all other business partners. we vouch for the integrity of the materials we sell.

Tradition: We are a privately -held company of the European heritage and maintain the values and tradition form our 140 year history. We embrace local customs and traditions as well.

Social and Environmental Responsibility:  We respect local laws and business practices. We are a socially and environmentally conscious employer and provide a safe work atmosphere.


Vision: Our vision is to be the premier supplier of precious metal coins and bars, as well as high quality gift and promotional items in non- precious metals, to corporate, consumer, government and intuitional markets both in India and abroad.

Mission: Provided our customer with the very highest quality product and services for both precious and non-precious metals.

Continuously develop our core strengths in designs, craftsmanship, production and services to maintain our competitive advantage.

Exceed customer expectation with each interaction by offering them a unique blend of quality product, services and support.

Be a socially responsible enterprise and contribute positively to the development of the Indian people and market.

Finally, a high - quality six color tampon printing process allows us to offer colored designs directly on the coins, antique capability, for added customization and differentiation. All come with the highest standard of purity and minting quality and are certified with the HF brand with the HF brand with gold guaranteed 99.99% purity or silver in 99.9%.